Did you know that there are approximately 1,500 mineral springs utilized in Hungary today?


Spa and relax

There is a town located near the western tip of Lake Balaton with a name indicative of the local hot-water springs. Visitors in Hévíz (meaning: warm water) can go for a swim in the world’s largest, biologically active thermal water lake. No visit to Budapest can be complete without a visit to its spas, which give the sense of stories from the pages of a history book coming to life. Whether for rehabilitation or recreation, it’s worth devoting some time to discover the city’s thermal baths. Some of Budapest’s baths have an atmosphere that feels as though you were unwinding in a museum. Bathing in the centre of a global city on a lush green island surrounded by parks is just one of the unique experiences offered by Margaret Island in Budapest. Since 1919, this has been the site of the capital’s longest standing open-air swimming pool, the Palatinus.

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