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The Pearl of the Renaissance
This town was built by the will and brain of Jan Zamoyski, a chancellor and commander in chief of the Crown. He intended to create a perfect city and a residence adequate to his position in the state. Zamość was designed to outshine the royal residence of Kraków that Zamoyski greatly disliked. The whole project, including the construction of the town, which doubled as a mighty fortress, was carried out within twenty years between 1580 to 1600. For his great plan, Zamoyski commissioned an Italian architect from Padua, Bernardo Morando, who became the author of all the important buildings such as the palace, arsenal, collegiate church, town hall, and burgher houses in the market square.
Zamość / © Tomasz Gębuś │Polish Tourist OrganisationZamość / © Polish Tourist OrganisationZamość / © Polish Tourist Organisation

Zamość is a unique urban and architectural complex, that’s as close to the idea of a ‘perfect city’ as can be. It is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Renaissance’ as it features buildings of great beauty and historical value. The Old Town Square is dominated by a lofty town hall and lined with arcaded burgher houses. Some of them are richly decorated and belonged to Armenian merchants. The mighty basilica contains outstanding art pieces. The Zamoyski Palace and the Academy, adapted to their current functions, have lost a lot of their former splendor, though the former fortifications, in places seven meter thick, that surround the Old Town complex are very impressive. The Old Town of Zamość is on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List.
Tourists are attracted to Zamość by its historical monuments, peaceful ambience, cultural events, art galleries and cozy hotels. Its location in southeastern Poland, far away from the main tourist routes, ensures true rest and relaxation. The attractiveness of its location is much enhanced by the picturesque Roztocze landscape, a real ‘pearl of nature’ that is found in the neighborhood. Not far from Zamość is Lublin, a city known for the multitude of historical monuments.


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