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Poland is a country with a 1000-year-old history, rich traditions and abundant cultural heritage. The legacy of bygone centuries include monuments of architecture, historical mementos and masterpieces of art, all perfectly combined with the wealth of Polish nature and its original landscapes. Millions of tourists visit Poland every year. All those who wish to deepen their knowledge of history and see outstanding pieces of art are invited to experience this for themselves and admire Poland’s UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List sites. The list created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) distinguishes buildings and sites that constitute the most valuable examples of peoples’ material culture, products of human genius or unique nature reserves. The states that possess those special sites on their territory are bound to protect them from destruction. Currently, the UNESCO register of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites includes 788 items of which 611 represent such outstanding monuments of culture as the Egyptian pyramids, the Acropolis in Athens, Venice in Italy, and the American Statue of Liberty. The list of the most valuable monuments of nature protects 154 unique sites including, among others, the Yellowstone National Park in the USA. All of these sites are of international importance, and the regions where they are located attract great numbers of tourists. Thanks to its diversity and wealth, Polish culture enjoys a great deal of interest from the international community and travellers alike.

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