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Unconquerable Fortress
The Malbork castle is the mightiest fortress of medieval Europe. The immense castle was started in the 13th century and built by the Teutonic Knights in stages. During the next century, when Malbork became the capital of the order’s large state, the fortress was expanded considerably through adding to it the Great Refectory and the Grand Master’s Palace.
Malbork Castle / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist OrganisationMalbork Castle / © Polish Tourist OrganisationMalbork Castle / © Polish Tourist Organisation
Malbork Castle / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist OrganisationMalbork Castle / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist OrganisationMalbork Castle / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist Organisation
The red brick walls of the Middle and High Castles are very impressive, as is the belt of defensive walls with their towers and gates. Visitors can admire the genius of the medieval master-builders while viewing the clever system of central heating, very rare in medieval times. The castle’s enormous size is best appraised from the Nogat riverside, but also during the tour of the complex one cannot help but admire the majestic beauty of the stronghold and its remarkable power. The Castle Museum offers many attractions to visitors, including a number of exhibitions with old weapons, amber, porcelain and faïence, and articles of artistic handicrafts. The son et lumière spectacles staged in the evening in the castle courtyards and the nocturnal tours of the castle interiors are very popular with tourists. The castle chambers often host music concerts and medieval style banquets. In recent years, a great historical re-enactment event entitled The Siege of Malbork is organised during the last weekend of July.
Malbork is the member of the Polish Gothic Castles Association that represents historical buildings located in eight other cities of the region.



Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork: Location

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