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A Miracle of Nature
The Białowieża Forest is a symbol of Poland’s natural wealth and diversity. The international experts recognised its unique value and in 1979 the Białowieża National Park was included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as well as on UNESCO’s List of World Biosphere Reserves.  In 2014 UNESCO committee decided to include the whole Bialowieza Forrest on the list, enlarging the area covered by UNESCO  10 times (from approx. 5 hectars to 50 hectars). 
Białowieża National Park - the Bison Reserve / © Polish Tourist OrganisationBiałowieża National Park / © Polish Tourist OrganisationBiałowieża National Park / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist Organisation
Białowieża National Park / © A&M Cieszewscy │Polish Tourist OrganisationBiałowieża National Park / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist OrganisationBiałowieża National Park / © Polish Tourist Organisation
This large expanse of natural forest is located on the country’s eastern border and distributed roughly evenly between Poland and Belarus. The Belarusian part is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It’s the last original lowland forest in Europe, and retains much of its primeval landscape and plant and animal life. The Białowieża Forest, in parts swampy, is covered with mixed forests untouched by man, with oak, hornbeam, spruce and pine being the predominant species.
The most valuable fragments of nature are protected and enclosed within the boundaries of the Białowieża National Park, half of which constitutes a strict nature reserve. The strict nature reserve can only be entered with a guide and toured on foot along signposted trails or more comfortably, by horse-drawn cart. Places of interest include the Palace Park, the Natural History Museum, and the Bison Reserve where the animals of rare forest species are kept in large enclosures. The greatest attraction of this part is of course the bison herd, part of which is free to roam the neighboring forest area. Approximately 100,000 tourists come to the Białowieża Forest each year. Most of them find accommodation in the little village of Białowieża which is well prepared to host visitors as well as the participants of various conferences and incentives. The village is located in the very heart of the Białowieża Forest.
The Białowieża region has many other attractions to offer, such as original borderland landscapes, multicultural heritage, little known Eastern folklore, and timber architecture of particular beauty and special character.



Białowieża Forest: Location

Poland GPS latitude/longitude: 52.69802 , 23.85955


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