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The region streching along the southern and the south-eastern edge of the Zemplén Montains - which contains Tokaj, the most famous wine region of our country – was added to the World Heritage list in June 2002. Our world famous Hungaricum originates from here, as does the Tokaj Aszú and Szamorodni which is produced by means of a special method, using rotted Aszu berries. The outstanding quality of the famous Tokaj wine is due to the volcanic soil, the long, dry autumn, the sunshine and the unique technique used in the cellars.
Tokaj wine / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeTokaj wine region / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeTokaj wine / © Hungarian National Tourist Office
Tokaj cellars / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeGrapes / © Hungarian National Tourist Office



Tokaj-Hegyalja and its Historical Wine Region: Location

Hungary GPS latitude/longitude: 48.13493 , 21.41784


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