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The settlement lies 125km west of Budapest, in the vicinity of Győr. The monastery built on top of a mound, referred to by locals as the mountain, sits there like a huge seal on an imaginary pile of documents. It is a fitting symbol of the wanderings and eventual settlement of the nomadic people that had finally found their home in the heart of Europe. Concurrent with the foundation of the state, the brothers of the order of St. Benedict built the first monastic school of the country here. During the 11th century, the first church and monastery were built. Both were rebuilt in the 12th century. The church and crypt standing today were built in the 13th century and survived the devastation of the Tartar invasion of the following century.
Archabbey in Pannonhalma / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeArchabbey in Pannonhalma / © Hungarian National Tourist Office



Pannonhalma: Location

Hungary GPS latitude/longitude: 47.54501 , 17.74429


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