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The system of caves in the karst region in the north-east, stretch as far as Slovakia. The two countries applied jointly, and the area was declared part of World Heritage in 1995. The karst formations of Aggtelek and the Slovak side of the border are the most characteristic and complex examples of stalactite formation in the temperate climate zone; a veritable underground museum of geology, palaeontology, zoology and archaeology. To this day, the Baradla-Domica cave system is the largest known formation with stalactites hanging over an underground brook. It is located 185 km from Budapest.
Aggtelek - Baradla Cave / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeAggtelek / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeAggtelek / © Hungarian National Tourist Office



Aggtelek: Location

Hungary GPS latitude/longitude: 48.50386 , 20.58837


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