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This old jumping dance for men originates from the southeast part of Moravia known as Moravian Slovakia. The Verbuňk dance from Moravian Slovakia is the first intangible monument in the Czech Republic to be appraised by UNESCO and to be ranked among ninety globally renowned phenomena. This dance reputedly expresses the cultural identity of the whole area of Moravian Slovakia. An essential part of the dance is singing the dancing song first. It is mainly performed at festivities in Moravian Slovakia. 

Points of interest
The name of the dance is derived from the German word “Werbung” (i.e. recruitment). And why not, as soldiers were recruited for service accompanied by this. These recruitment drives took place in the Czech lands until 1781 and Verbuňk was usually danced by professional military dancers.
Entry into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List: 2005

Czech Republic

Verbuňk from Moravian Slovakia (An intangible monument): Location

GPS latitude/longitude: 49.06666 , 17.39410


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