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The Baroque Holy Trinity Column with its creative concept, wealth of figural decorations and dimensions and height (35m) is distinctly different from other European plague columns. These buildings began to emerge after the Trident Council and the blueprint for them was the column on Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.
Svatý kopeček near Olomouc - pilgrimage site  /  © Jaroslav MarešOlomouc - Arion Fountain  /  © Mgr. Pavel DosoudilOlomouc - Holy Trinity Column  / © Mgr. Pavel Dosoudil

The Marian Column on the Lower Square did originally serve as an expression of thanks for the inhabitants having survived the plague in Olomouc. But its builder, Václav Render, thought it not spectacular enough, so he came up with the idea of building a much grander column on the Upper Square. The Holy Trinity Column was created in 1716 - 1754 under the hands of artists and craftsmen from Olomouc and its consecration was attended in person by the heads of the monarchy at that time – the Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Francis Stephen of Lorraine.
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Although construction of the plague column in Olomouc did protect the city from the plague, it did not bring great fortune to the craftsmen who made it. The builder, Václav Render, died during construction work and the pleasure of watching its completion also escaped his successors František Thoneck, Jan Václav Rokický and Augustin Scholtz. Jan Ignác Rokický managed this in the end. The gilded replica of a cannonball commemorates the fact that the column was hit several times by Prussian artillery during the siege of 1758. But the people of Olomouc went to ask the Prussian general if his soldiers could not fire on the monument. General James Keith accommodated their request and so the column was spared further damage.
Entry into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List: 2000
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