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Taking a walk on the village green in Holašovice is like stepping back into history for a moment. This picturesque village in South Bohemia is unique in that it has preserved the original, medieval system of residential houses and granaries.
HolašoviceHolašovice - a Village Cotage Holašovice - Rural Festival

It represents an exceptional example of the so-called rural Baroque, village architecture of painted gables and stucco decorations, which create a characteristic atmosphere. This uniquely preserved complex numbers 23 homesteads, among which you can find barns, quarters for retired people, a blacksmiths, an inn and a chapel. The charm of Holašovice also consists in the fact that it is not an open-air museum, but a village that people live in to this very day.
Points of Interest
A Rural Festival takes place in Holašovice every year on the last-but-one weekend in July. This typical old Bohemian fair above all includes examples of more than 230 traditional and untraditional crafts from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia with a varied accompanying cultural programme, which is well worth a visit.
Entry into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List: 1998
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GPS latitude/longitude: 48.97021 , 14.27295


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