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Karlštejn is the most notable Czech castle and also one of the symbols of the Czech Kingdom. The Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, had it built in 1348. The castle was originally supposed to be a place for Charles IV to relax, but in the end it was used to store the precious Czech and imperial crown jewels as well as valuable relics. It is especially worth visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is decorated with semi-precious stones in the shape of crosses and a unique collection of one hundred and twenty-nine pictures by Master Theodoric, representing the ideal or approximate likenesses of the saints, saintly popes and bishops, saintly rulers and church teachers.
Karlštejn castle - the Chapel of the Holy Cross / © Ing. Lubomír ČechKonopiště castle - interior / © Petr HronKonopiště castle / © Petr Hron
Karlštejn Castle / © Ladislav RennerKonopiště castle - historical festival

Konopiště is one of the most visited chateaux in the Czech Republic, which to this very day retains the appearance that it received during its last conversion under Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este in 1887. The inner furnishings have also remained as faithful as possible to his time. Not far from the chateau is the JAWA Museum, a unique display of famous historical motorcycles.

(Prague – Karlštejn: 41 km, 50 minutes; Karlštejn – Konopiště: 72 km, 70 minutes)


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Karlštejn and Konopiště Castles: Location

GPS latitude/longitude: 49.93818 , 14.18815


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