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The climatic spa is situated in the southeastern part of the High Tatras mountain range. Though the Tatranské Matliare settlement provides a quiet setting, it is only 1.5km from the well-known tourist centre of Tatranská Lomnica. At the same time, the spa is located outside the area's main tourist resorts, which ensures all-day relaxation. The spa's location at the foot of the Lomnický štít peak at 885m above sea level, alongside a favourable mountain climate, provides a unique climate from the recovery of the ill and relaxation of the healthy.
Spa Tatranské Matliare / Source: Slovak Tourist BoardSpa Tatranské Matliare / ©  Klimatické kúpele Tatranské Matliare │Source: Slovak Tourist Board



Tatranské Matliare: Location

Slovakia GPS latitude/longitude: 49.17631 , 20.29277


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