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Water and air – these are two elements essential to life, with boundless possibilities for exerting a positive impact on our health. In Poland we make the most of these natural attributes. There is an abundance of natural mineral water spring in Poland, including thermal waters, whose role as a medicinal remedy cannot be overestimated.
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As a result, Poland’s health resorts, regeneration centres, and health and beauty clinics widely use hydrotherapy treatments. Indeed drinking the mineral waters is one of the oldest therapies on offer. Systematic drinking of the water can help to treat the digestive system by supplementing any shortages of macro and microelements.
Types of hydrotherapy that guarantee excellent results include:
• Algae therapy
• Aqua
• Aqua-gym
Balneotherapy (bathing treatments), alongside peloidotherapy (treatments using medicinal mud) and climate therapy are the three main therapy methods used at Polish health resorts. These methods use mud, seawater and gases, with treatments including baths in carbonic acid, carbonic acid gas in carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and even baths in an oxygen-ozone mixture.
Renowned resorts specialising in balneotherapy include:
Ciechocinek – Women’s diseases, circulatory, respiratory and peripheral nervous system ailments as well as rheumatic diseases have been treated here for over 170 years, thanks to the rich springs of thermal brine. To find out more visit:
 • Cieplice Śląskie Zdrój – This spa, located in the Sudety Mountains, is well-known for taking care of patients with rheumatic, urinary or circulatory system diseases and mobility disorders. You can find out more at:
Lądek Zdrój – Thermal springs of weakly mineralised water are used to treat mobility disorders, rheumatic, skin and peripheral circulation problems at this famous resort in the Kłodzko Valley. Visit the website at:
Nałęczów – There's a special microclimate here that enables the spa to offer prevention and treatment of heart diseases. More on:
Busko Zdrój – Unique therapeutic waters and a thermal-humid climate make Busko Zdrój a centre for the treatment of skin and neurological diseases, mobility disorders, osteoporosis, and brucellosis. For more information, visit:
Kołobrzeg – Aerosols of seawater, containing salt and iodine are used here to facilitate the treatment of respiratory diseases. The Baltic is a relatively low-salt sea, and thus the holiday and therapy centres located along the 500km Polish coast offer balanced, non-aggressive treatments. To find out more, go to:
Zakopane – Thermal pool baths at 38°C are recommended at Zakopane. More on: and
Trzebnica – Thermal brines containing bromide and barium salts are the recommended treatment here for mobility disorders. For more information, visit:
Ustka – A complete range of treatments are available, including brine baths, hydrotherapy, inhalations, therapeutic massages, paraffin compresses, magnetic therapy, cryotherapy, kinesitherapy, and thalassotherapy. More on:



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