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The largest thermal lake in the world that is suitable for bathing is located at Hévíz, in western Hungary. The water temperature never drops below 79°F/26°C, even in the depths of winter. The lake is surrounded by hotels and sanatoria.


Hévíz spa / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeHévíz spa in winter / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeLava stone massage / © Hungarian National Tourist Office
Hévíz spa / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeMiskolctapolca spa located in a cave / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeHévíz wellness / © Hungarian National Tourist Office
Hévíz spa / © Hungarian National Tourist Office
Miskolctapolca, in the northeast of the country, boasts a unique cave lake. Situated on a geological fault line on the edge of the Bükk Hills, it is the site of both cold karst and hot water springs. There is also a new spa hotel at Egerszalók; the steaming terraces of snow-white calcium crystals on the green hillside are a spectacle to behold.


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Hungary GPS latitude/longitude: 48.49158 , 18.33618


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