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The Holy Mount of Grabarka (Święta Góra Grabarka in Polish) is considered to be the holiest location in Poland for Orthodox Christians. It is the site of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord and is home to the women's monastery of Ss. Marta and Maria. The most prominent and well-known feature of Grabarka is the forest of crosses surrounding the Church, all brought to the Mount by pilgrims.
In 1710 a miracle occurred in Garbarka during a deadly outbreak of cholera in the region. According to legend, one day an old man received an order from God to lead the people to the Mount at Grabarka, to set there a holy cross and to pray for salvation. The sick villagers followed the instructions of the old man, and the epidemic ended almost instantly. To commemorate this miracle, the local people decided to build a chapel at Grabarka.
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In 1884-1895 a new church was built.  In 1947 the Holy Mount of Garbarka was chosen for a Monastery of Ss. Martha and Mary. In 1956, a house for priests was also built.  
In 1990 a fire was set in the church which completely burned down in consequence;  even the bells melted. Reconstruction started immediately, the effect of which was the consecration of a newly built church by Metropolitan Sawa on May 17, 1998.



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