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The Visitor Centre of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany
Each year the Visitor Centre at the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany, which opened in June 2011, attracts between 120,000 and 130,000 people.
The Visitor Centre known as the Porta Pacis or Peace Gate stands to the left of the entrance to the church on the site of what once was an undercroft. More than 70% of the new building is below ground.
The Pannonhalma Visitor Centre
The Visitor Centre of the Benedictine Arch-abbey of Pannonhalma welcomes about 150,000 people a year. It is no surprise that there is great interest in the place as the monastery lies in glorious natural surroundings between Vienna and Budapest offering a unique experience to visitors.
The abbey, founded in the 13th century, together with its surroundings was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1996. The Benedictine monks, who value the preservation of traditions, run a school here, and make wine and other handmade products.
The facility receiving 150,000 people annually fosters good relations with local service providers and important tourist organisations at a national level. As one of the World Heritage sites in the locality, it plays a prominent part in the region’s tourism.
The Cella Septichora in Pécs
As a World Heritage site, the Cella Septichora in Pécs plays a major role in the tourism of South-West Hungary and is visited by 42,000 people a year on average.
The 4th-century early Christian monument attracts tourists not only from Hungary but also from abroad. The range of services of the Visitor Centre and novel ways of presenting the early Christian relics make visits fascinating and exciting for people of all ages.
The Primate’s Cellar Visitor Centre in Esztergom
The Primate’s Cellar is an attraction offering a variety of services, and is connected to one of Hungarian Catholicism’s most important churches, providing a unique experience of Hungarian wines and gastronomy for visitors to the city in addition to useful tourist information.



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