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The Grand Synagogue and the Jewish Museum (VII. Dohány Street 2-8)
The largest currently functioning synagogue of Europe was finished in 1859, in Neo-Moorish Style. The interior space has a flat ceiling and a capacity for nearly three thousand believers. 
Holocaust Memorial Center (IX. Páva Street 39.)
The focus of the exhibition is the Holocaust in Hungary. The creative display recounts the suffering, persecution and massacre of those Hungarian nationals - mainly Jews and Gypsy - who were condemned to annihilation in the name of radical ideology.
Jewish Cemetery (X. Kozma street 6)
The cemetery was established in 1893, and it bears the signs of architecture at the turn of the century. The tombs of the Schmidl and Wellisch families are also masterpieces of the Art Nouveau style, among many others. Restaurants:
Kadar Restaurant (VII. Klauzál square 9)
It is a small, traditional restaurant, where strangers sit together at the few tables, which all have soda water in the middle. One of the significant gastronomic relics of the old Pest. Kadar is only open for lunch.
Hanna Restaurant (VII. Dob street 35)
The Kosher restaurant is an interesting spot in the district. In fact it lies in the yard of the church but its entry opens to another street.
Frölich Confectionery (VII. Dob street 22)
It offers a complete range of Jewish pastry, including the "flodni". Lately they have been offering magazines to read as well.



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