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The popularity of the “Royal Region” as a resort and hiking area can largely be attributed to the surrounding hills, mountains, forests and lakes and the footpaths showing these natural features, but many religious monuments are also associated with the region. Few people are aware that Székesfehérvár is the country’s cradle of pilgrimage. After the canonisation of Saint Stephen and Saint Emeric, their tombs became the destination of national and international pilgrimage. Stories of miraculous cures and release from suffering have spread about the shrine. 
In the history of Hungary, the City of Veszprém is mainly noted for its role as an ecclesiastical centre from the start of the early Middle Ages. This is why there are so many monuments related to the Church in Veszprém Castle and why such a wealth of valuable religious artefacts is kept in the city’s museums and exhibitions.

The churches of Pápa, thirteen in all, do not only rise above the dwelling houses of this small baroque town due to their size. When the traveller first sees the silhouette of the town on the horizon, it is the church steeples that catch the eye. These towers emanate calm composure irrespective of the style of the era in which they were built. 
The past of the town of Zirc is intertwined with the history of the Cistercians in Hungary. By the 12th century the white monks had founded an abbey here and today the town remains the centre of the Cistercian Order in Hungary. The town has the Order to thank for the marvellous baroque abbey church and the connecting neoclassical monastery.



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