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Slovak specials
The Slovak national meal is bryndzové halušky, which means the same to Slovaks as sushi does to the Japanese or pizza for the Italians. This Slovak national meal consists of dumplings made of potato dough mixed with a special kind of soft and salty sheep curd. Fried bacon chopped in tiny pieces is added to the completed meal, which makes it especially tasty. The traditional beverage to accompany the meal is sour milk or whey. One can especially enjoy bryndzové halušky in a typical Slovak “koliba” restaurant or salaš. And what is more, there are annual competitions to cook the traditional meal – The World Championship is organized in the little mountain village of Turecká at the foothills of the Veľká Fatra Mountains, where fans of “halušky” from all over the world meet.
Probably the most typical autumn dish in Slovakia is gold baked goose served with stewed white or red cabbage and home-made lokše (potato pancakes). It’s not only Slovaks but also tourists from other countries that know that in autumn you must visit the village of Slovenský Grob near Bratislava. But do not go there just randomly without booking a table – it’s possible you could visit all of the inns, family houses and apartment houses offering the delicacy and still not find a single free table.
Once you are in Slovakia you cannot leave the country without tasting the excellent Slovak wines. It´s completely up to you. Just choose the viticultural region in Slovakia and taste a wine in the local cozy cellars. You can visit the Wine Road of Malé Karpaty in Bratislava region where vine growing and wine producing have a long tradition; the Wine Road of Tokaj in eastern part of Slovakia where the King of wines and the wine of Kings is served in local cellars; or the Nitra Royal Wine Road – the biggest and longest wine road in Slovakia.

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