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Back as far as the 15th century, goose was a specialty on the menu served at the royal court and in stately homes. It was considered a delicacy to be savoured and served with almonds or some other exotic spices, usually so expensive they had to be kept under lock and key. Jarosław Komar, the Master Chef at the Grand Hotel, has his own, more homely recipe. A goose breast is soaked overnight in Polish brandy called winiak with a dash of fine mead (trójniak). Mixed with small bits of veal to taste, goose stuffing is rolled up in the pounded goose breast and a generous serving of apricots, walnuts, raisins and other dried fruits. Baked and out of the oven, the roulade is then covered with a crispy golden crust. A special sweet and smoky flavour is provided by prunes. The roulade is served with blackberry sauce with a whiff of cognac or brandy to add a delicate, permeating flavour.

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In the past, goose was the only meat dish allowed to be eaten on Christmas Eve, both in the Catholic Warmia region and in the neighbouring Protestant Mazuria. Served roasted, it occupied a prominent position among other Christmas dishes. Goose sausages were also served. The famous gęsie pipki were created by Jewish cooks, and the savoury półgęsek, a pickled and smoked goose breast, was a famous delicacy served at the tables of the landed gentry.

Goose Roulade
Ingredients: 4 thin slices of goose breasts with skin, 200 g of veal, 150 g of dried apricots, handful of dried fruits and walnuts, 1 egg, breadcrumb, salt, pepper, a teaspoon of apricot liquor.

Marinate goose breasts in the cognac and triple mead marinade. Prepare the stuffing: cook fruits in small amount of water, grind them thickly together with veal and walnuts. Add an egg, liquor, salt, pepper and breadcrumb. Arrange the stuffing on goose breasts pounded flat, roll it and wrap with a thread, rub the remaining marinade into the rolls. Roast until the skin becomes golden and crispy.




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