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Paprika and folk traditions reign supreme in Kalocsa, at the edge of the Puszta near the Danube. This agrarian town is the paprika capital of Hungary, a fact you'll easily discern from the red paprika drying in strings on the eaves of traditional wooden houses, many of which are also graced with flower-ornamented wall paintings. At the Paprika Museum, you can learn about harvesting methods and buy bags of the signature Hungarian spice for a fraction of what it costs elsewhere. Kalocsa is also renowned for its embroidery, characterized by intricate floral patterns whose colors traditionally indicate the age of the wearer. You can peruse a vast selection of embroidery at the Kalocsa Folklore House, as well as outdoors at the Juci Néni Csárda, where there is also a daily folk dancing show, which, like Kalocsa itself is full of delights.

Paprika / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficePaprika / © Hungarian National Tourist Office




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