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The Hungarians are hospitable people, always ready to offer guests delicious food and excellent wines. In the 1996 Chef's Olympics, Hungary's team won the silver medal overall, as well as numerous other honours. Hungary's chefs are rigorously trained through an apprenticeship process dating back to the medieval guild system. Hungarian wines have earned a reputation for high quality, garnering first prizes in a number of international competitions.

Goose Liver / © Hungarian National Tourist Office

The country's unique cuisine has influences from the Central Asian Magyar founders of the nation, Turks, Germans, French, Austrians, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbians, and Croatians. The simple agrarian and shepherd lifestyles of the Hungarian Plain and mountains have also helped shape the country's unique dishes.

Sauces rich in sour cream, delicacies such as goose liver and an emphasis on meats, including game such as boar and venison, are typical. Fish – especially Lake Balaton Pike, eel stew or a thick and sometimes peppery fish soup – is also quite popular. Other traditional favorites include veal paprika stew and roast chicken with cottage cheese noodles. Fabulous desserts, served with strong espresso, include strudels, tortes and the legendary Gundel pancakes with chocolate rum sauce.




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