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Although Czech beer is renowned the world over, according to a survey by CzechTourism, the most typical Czech souvenir is slivovice. This delicious spirit from plums is especially produced and consumed in great quantities in Moravia where you can get to know its history and production in the Museum of Folk Spirits in Vlčnov. Southern Moravia can also boast internationally award-winning white and red wines. The brands most in demand include Veltlínská zelená, Müller-Thurgau and Muškát moravský, which is a 100% domestic variety cultivated in Moravian vineyards. Among the red wines, Frankovka and Svatovavřinecké are popular. Wine tastes best in a traditional Moravian wine cellar accompanied by cymbalo music, ideally on the wine paths connecting the wine-making areas.

Becherovka liquer / © Roman CestrEnjoying white wine from Moravia.../ © Vít MádrSlivovice - plum spirit
Wine cellars in Moravia Collection of Czech wines

The fourth most popular souvenir, people take with them from the Czech Republic, is Becherovka liqueur. This is produced in Karlovy Vary and is often jokingly called the 13th healing spring of this spa town. It has been made using Karlovy Vary water since 1807, according to a secret recipe that includes 32 types of herbs and spices. You can learn more about its history and production in the Jan Becher Museum in Karlovy Vary, which also of course includes a tasting of this therapeutic and tasty drink


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