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Czech fairy tales would not be the same without traditional buns stuffed with poppy seed, jam or cream cheese, which you can enjoy in the Czech Republic to this very day. Many sweet foods have brought specific areas of the Czech Republic to fame.

Piece of frgál and other cakesPotato pancake with plum jamTraditional Czech buns
Spa wafers

Moravian Wallachia for example has its typical large cakes made from yeast, milk, flour and sugar, which are called frgál – a delicacy stuffed with pear, plum or apple jam, poppy seed with nuts or cream cheese with semolina and honey. Besides, the Czech Republic is the number one grower and exporter of poppy seed in the world, easily beating France. 

You should not leave the Moravian-Silesian Region without trying Štramberk Ears. The ears here are sweetened with honey, star anise and cloves and about 120 ears are formed from one kilogram of dough.This is still nothing in comparison with the legend of their creation which says that at the start of the 13th century, when the Tartars camped under the Štramberk Hill, they cut off the ears of Christian settlers and presented them to their lord as proof of having killed their enemies.

Pardubice on the other hand is famed for its Pardubice gingerbread, a delicious delicacy made of only three basic ingredients: honey, flour and pepper. Although bakers have always had to make sure that they did not overdo it with the pepper, it is precisely for this reason that the gingerbread is sufficiently long-lasting, dry and hard, yet you do not chip your teeth when eating it. It is pepper and its old Bohemian name “peprník” that this delicacy has to thank for its Czech name – “perník”.

Make sure to try the original spa wafers in the Czech spa towns. These two thin circular wafers with a super fine sugar-nut filling, nowadays have tens of different variations – chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, caramel and you can even find chilli pepper filling. These wafers are the ideal thing to nibble at when drinking water from the therapeutic mineral springs, the bitterness of which goes excellently with this sweet treat. Besides, mineral water is also one of the ingredients of the wafers themselves.


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