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It used to be said in the Czech Republic that “soup is the basis of the meal”. And this holds true to this very day. Soup is the basis of Czech cuisine and every decent meal. Bouillon with homemade noodles and liver dumplings is usually even part of the celebratory menu at wedding feasts. However the newlyweds do not get to enjoy its superb flavour all that much –according to Czech tradition, the bride feeds the groom and vice versa, although they have a spoon full of holes to do so. Apart from clear soups, Czech cooks are also excellent at making thickened soups, the basis for which could be meat, vegetables or pulses. Thickened soups are so substantial that they are sometimes served as the main meal. One of these is potato soup with an aroma of marjoram and mushrooms, goulash soup often served in a hollowed out loaf of bread or cabbage soup with sausage, which is especially prepared in Moravia.

Potato soupKulajda - mushroom and potato soupMoravian cabbage soup


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