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Dumplings are without a doubt a unique feature of Czech cuisine. They are a popular side dish to go with many traditional meals, especially sauces like creamy sauces to go with sirloin steak, mushroom sauce or tomato sauce. Indeed according to the culinary masters, the most popular dish in Czech cuisine is sirloin with a creamy sauce. This is made using root vegetables and spices, tender beef larded with bacon and the essential dumplings. Although you can also find these in the neighbouring German cuisine, the Czech version is prepared according to specific Czech recipes. Apart from the classic variety from leavened dough, it is also worth trying Karlovy Vary dumplings, hairy” dumplings (prepared from raw potatoes), lard dumplings or potato dumplings. A superb sweet alternative is dumplings stuffed with fruit, especially plum dumplings. Potato pancakes are another traditional side dish to go with Czech meals.

Dill sauce with dumplings and eggSweet dumplings stuffed with strawberriesDumplings stuffed with smoked meat
Plum sauce with bread dumplingsVarieties of dumplingsSirloin with a creamy sauce


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