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The metropolis of northwest Slovakia lies on the confluence of three rivers. The first reference to the territory of Zilina as we know it today is from 1208 and sights in the historic centre of the town are a part of the Town Monument Reserve.
Zilina / © Ladislav Struhár │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardZilina / © Dominik Bugár │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardZilina / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
An architectural dominant of the town is the Baroque Church of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle with two towers and the Capuchin monastery from the mid-18th century. They are situated in the square-shaped St. Mary Square which dates back to before 1300. The Old Town Hall in the corner of the square has undergone several reconstructions. Its present appearance is from 1890. The oldest monument within the Zilina territory is the Church of St. Stephan the King. Experts date the origin of this Late Romanesque church to the 13th century and its interior ornamentation is especially valuable.
On the site where there used to be a castle in the 13th century stands the Church of the Holy Trinity, a Cathedral built around 1400. The Burianova veza tower standing near the church is one of the oldest Renaissance belfries in Slovakia. It is a detached building and its design resembles that of Italian municipal belfries called campaniles.
Castle of Budatin with its strategic position at the confluence of the Vah and the Kysuca Rivers, watches over the town. The Castle offers a unique exhibition of tinker’s trade products, the only one of its kind in the world. Due to a wide scale restoration of the castle, which is planned to last until 2013, visitors can admire this unique exhibition in the space of Museum of Art in Zilina.


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Slovakia GPS latitude/longitude: 49.22352 , 18.74040


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