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The ancient town in the Spis region has a compact ground plan typical of the Middle Ages, squeezed into a well-preserved municipal fortification. Walking through the town is almost the same as browsing an ancient book, in which each page is a valuable document.
Podolinec / © Slovak Tourist Board

In the middle of the square, which is skirted by a row of Renaissance burgher houses, is the Church of the Virgin Mary's Ascension which dates from the late 13th century. In 1659, a beautiful Renaissance belfry was built beside the church with a rare bell dating from 1392. At the northern suburb of the town stands the monumental building of the Piarist Church and Monastery. Today it is an inseparable part of the town's beautifully suggestive silhouette.


Podolinec : Location

Slovakia GPS latitude/longitude: 49.25794 , 20.53202


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