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Slovakia is a small country however it can boast a long and rich history that can be seen in almost every city, town or village. The country is characterised by its fascinating history with a vast number of monuments – especially the wooden churches, chateaux and castles. You can find more than 100 castles and at least double this number of manor houses, built in different historical eras, historical gems hidden in churches, or historical treasures saved by Slovak museums and galleries. The rich history of towns has left some admirable traces in their appearance and architecture. Many of them are classified as Town Monument Reserves and form a significant part of the national cultural heritage. At present, 18 towns in Slovakia are designated as Town Monument Reserves. They are concentrated in the region of Spiš (5) followed by the group of central Slovakia mining towns (4). Slovakia boasts more than 12,000 immovable cultural monuments and more than 2,800 have won the statute of being a Town Monument Reserve.

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