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Known as the ‘Little Big City’ or the ‘Beauty on the Danube’, Bratislava is one of the youngest capital cities in the world. It is a city where the new completes the old, rivers alternates with hills, silence follows in the footstep of noise, and the spirit of history pulsates behind every corner of the Old Town.
Bratislava - Main Square / © Ján Lacika │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBratislava - The Town Gate Michalska Brana / © Róbert Buga │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBratislava - The St. Martin Cathedral / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
Bratislava / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardGrassalkovich Palace in Bratislava - the Residence of the President / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBratislava / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
Bratislava / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBird's-eye view of Bratislava / © Ladislav Struhár │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardCafe in Bratislava / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
Bratislava - Blue Church / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardOld street in Bratislava / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBratislava Castle / © Ladislav Struhár │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
An unquestionable fact is that Bratislava was once a city of the highest importance – an educational and cultural centre during the then Kingdom of Hungary. Bratislava was established the Capital of the Kingdom of Hungary, the seat of the Hungarian Parliament, central administration and the coronation town of the Hungarian kings and queens. Eleven kings and eight royal wives were crowned in Bratislava in the years between 1563 and 1830. Nowadays, it is a modern vibrant city with old-time charm. Once you are in Bratislava you cannot miss cozy traditional pubs, stylish restaurants with traditional or international cuisine and of course a number of historical monuments most of which are situated in the Old Town area.
The most famous Bratislava monuments that are worth visiting are:

Bratislava Castle: A symbol of the city’s rich history. The majestic impression is enhanced by the hill it stands on, some 85m above the water level of the Danube River. Theatre performances, Shakespeare´s festival and concerts take place in the castle courtyard, mainly during the summer time under a star-lit sky. In the castle parkland the foundations of the Great Moravian basilica can be seen. A walk through the park offers different views of Bratislava including that of the modest statue of St. Elisabeth, who was born at Bratislava Castle in 1207.

The St. Martin Cathedral: The religious symbol of Bratislava is built in Gothic style. It enshrines the monumental Baroque statue of St Martin sculptured by the Austrian George Rafael Donner. This statue is considered to be one of his most valuable works. The magnificent tower with the gilded copy of the Hungarian crown, which symbolizes coronation of Kings of Hungary, is also part of the cathedral. Eleven kings and eight queens including Maria Theresa have been crowned in this church in the years between 1563 and 1830.

The Town Gate Michalska Brana: The only surviving gate of the town fortifications. The upper terrace of its tower offers an impressive view of the Renaissance and Baroque palaces in the Old Town quarter.

The Mirbach Palace: An example of Rococo style, and the most beautiful of Bratislava palaces is now a gallery.

The Primate Palace: This is the most beautiful example of Classicist architecture within Slovakia. In its interior visitors can admire a unique collection of six tapestries from the 17th century. They were made by artisans of the English Royal Manufacturer at Mortlake, and depict the legend of a tragic love.

The Main Square: This used to be the centre of the medieval town where all exciting historical events took place. The dominant feature of the square is the Old Town Hall and the Renaissance font of Maximilian which represents the Emperor Maximilian II as the legendary Knight Roland, the patron of towns. The square is still at the centre of life in the town, above all in summer and during the traditional Christmas market and New Years Eve feast.



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