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 Located in the north-east of Poland, the Mazury region is also known as the Land of the Great Mazurian Lakes. Its rivers, streams and lakes surrounded by an unspoilt, natural environment make it one of the most frequently visited parts of the country.
 Gizycko, surrounded by over 110 lakes is the centre on this region. It is also the starting point of trails leading to Wegorzewo, Mikolajki and Ruciane Nidy among many others. Water sports and sailing bases are numerous and well equipped creating very good conditions for inland waters sailing.
The Mazury region is paradise for those seeking active, outdoor recreation. Walking and sailing, horseback riding, biking and fishing or just picking mushrooms are some of the most popular activities here.
In the winter time the snow covered Mazury vistas present some unforgettable landscapes. Although it is far from the mountains, the region is also the skiing centre for the north of Poland. Slopes for down-hill and cross-country skiing can be found here.
The Gizycki District is marked by the history of three nations which have occupied these territories over the centuries - Poles, Germans and Lithuanians – three cultures melting into one.


Gizycko – in Mazury region: Location

Poland GPS latitude/longitude: 54.04250 , 21.76944


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