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The Tihany peninsula is easily recognisable by its twin-towered church. The peninsula is of volcanic origin, and at 5km long and 3.5km wide, it protrudes deep into the lake. It has been inhabited for almost a thousand years, and is home to a profusion of rare plants and animals.

A Benedictine abbey church was founded here in 1055, but today only the crypt which houses the tomb of King András I, survives in the original form, and is one of the most precious monuments of Hungarian architecture. The royal deed of foundation also survives and is the first record of written Hungarian. The present church was built upon the crypt in the 18th century in the Baroque style and has many precious wood carvings. There are frequent organ concerts in the abbey church during the summertime.


Tihany: Location

Hungary GPS latitude/longitude: 46.91294 , 17.88663


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