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The sun shines here for 2,100 hours each year. That's why the city of Szeged, situated at the confluence of the rivers Tisza and Maros, is usually called the ‘Sunny City’. The inimitable Pick salami and the Szeged paprika - the special ingredient of Hungarian dishes - are the world-famous products of the city. A good measure of this paprika gets into the Szeged fish soup, which is at its best only if cooked in this city.

Both the traditional sparkling cultural atmosphere and the good schools of Szeged brought forward many a writer, poet and scientist to enrich the country. The Nobel-prize laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi started his global conquest when he separated pure vitamin C from paprika, the spice of Szeged.


Szeged (Central Danube Region): Location

Hungary GPS latitude/longitude: 46.15115 , 20.85017


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