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Pécs is a place of many attractions: enigmatic Roman age tombs, domed Turkish mosques, a slim minaret, sophisticated Zsolnay ceramics, the fantastic paintings of Csontváry, decorative patterns of Vasarely, almond trees blossoming in early spring, and the pleasant atmosphere of restaurants and coffee houses.
Pécs / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficePécs / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficePécs / © Hungarian National Tourist Office
Pécs - Royal Tomb / © Hungarian National Tourist Office
Pécs was called Sopianae in Roman times and was an important centre of early Christendom. The necropolis consisting of 16 buildings is a unique architectural ensemble from the 4th century, recognised by UNESCO for its special value in 2000. Seven buildings are currently the subject of archaeological digs, and two are open to visitors.
Some significant memorials of the 150-year Turkish rule can be found in this city. The green dome of the mosque of Pasha [General] Ghazi defines the overall image of the city. Today it is a Catholic church, although still displaying the ‘mihrab’ niche and the double arched ogee of the windows. The church of the Brothers of Mercy displays an Eclectic-style facade; its inlaid altars are unique. The Art Nouveau Zsolnay Well covered with eosin glaze on the main square (Széchenyi Square) is one of the highlights of the city.
Almost every house in Káptalan Street is a museum. The exhibition of Zsolnay’s ceramics, the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, shows the characteristic periods of the internationally renowned Zsolnay porcelain, the decorative objects that won the Gold Medal at the Paris World Exhibition of 1878, as well as the memorial chamber of the founder, Vilmos Zsolnay. Another exhibition of the life’s work of that unique personality of Hungarian fine arts, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, is housed in the Csontváry Museum, itself in a neo-Renaissance palace. He is famous for having fused Romanticism, Symbolism and Expressionism.


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