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If we say the name Zlín, we must immediately add the name Baťa. This city in East Moravia has the “most famous shoemaker in the world”, Tomáš Baťa (1876 – 1932), to thank for its fame and current appearance. He founded his company in 1894 and over the course of a few decades, his shoes had become famous all over the Czech Republic and are still known all over the world today. The success and unique nature of Baťa and his business is also down to how well he cared for his employees. Here he built a school for his labourers, a cinema and houses from red bricks, which together with the museum of footwear, are what bear testament to his fame during the time of the First Republic of the Baťa name in Zlín.
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The boom in the city combined with the prosperity of Baťa’s business are illustrated by the architectural concept of Zlín as a “city in gardens” with many parks and areas of greenery and extensive construction in the spirit of the functionalist style. Functionalism and greenery determine the character of the city to this very day, a city which can also boast a varied cultural life. The Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic is based here and several musical events are held here every year.
Points of Interest
The Zlín Film Studios are also worth a visit, the special-effect films of the director Karel Zeman (1910 – 1989) having been made here. These were originally the Baťa advertising studios and it was mostly animated films that were filmed here. Zeman was especially famed for the films Journey to Prehistory, The Stolen Airship, An Invention for Destruction and Baron Munchausen, in which he combined live action with special effects. 2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Zeman’s birth.
Zlín is located 300 km from Prague.

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