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Třebíč is world famous for its Jewish monuments – the only ones to be separately entered on the UNESCO monument list other than in Jerusalem. This town was once one of the important centres of Jewish culture in Moravia and the uniquely preserved Jewish Quarter provides a silent testimony to the co-habitation of Jews and Christians here.
St. Prokop's Bazilica - InteriorSt. Prokop's Bazilica - CryptFront Synagogue
Třebíč - Jewish Town Třebíč - Jewish cemetery
The Jewish Quarter comprises more than 120 residential houses including a town hall, rabbinate and workhouse. Around 3,000 gravestones can be seen at the Jewish cemetery, the oldest of which dates back to 1631. The cemetery also includes a ceremonial hall dating back to 1903 with a uniquely preserved interior, and where funeral services are performed to this very day according to the old Jewish traditions.
Apart from the Jewish Quarter, the town’s valuable monuments also include the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Procopius. Thanks to the monumental porch and extensive three-aisled crypt, it is one of the rarest buildings of its kind in Central Europe.
Points of Interest
The five-day Shamayim  festival is held every year in the Old Jewish Quarter, during which you can hear Chassidic songs and cheerful klezmer. The aroma of kosher food and wine wafts through the bustling lanes of the ghetto. Exhibitions are held here and many theatre companies as well as musical and dance groups also visit.
Třebíč is located 173 km from Prague.

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GPS latitude/longitude: 49.21714 , 15.88022


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