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The fourth largest city in the Czech Republic is inherently linked with the world famous bottom-fermented pale lager beer, which became the prototype for all other pale beers and which also bears the name Pilsner Urquell  after the city of Plzeň.

Brewery Museum The Gate of the Pilsner BreweryIntern of St. Bartholomew Cathedral
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Brewing rights were granted to some burghers in Plzeň in the 13th century by King Wenceslas II. A century later, there were already 260 brewers in the city but the quality of beer varied greatly. Things went so wrong that 36hl of bad quality beer had to be poured away in front of the Town Hall in 1838. This is why the burghers decided to establish a modern brewery that year, which would ensure a consistent quality of beer. The first “Pilsner” as we know it today was brewed on 5 October 1842 and the brewery commemorates this day every year with Pilsner Fest celebrations with lots of concerts and of course beer. Pilsner type lager beer is the most popular beer in the world, but the people of Plzeň never forget to add that only beer with the attribute “pilsner” is the original.
Nowadays, the Plzeňský Prazdroj Brewery is the most popular destination for foreign tourists. Over 180,000 of them visit here every year. Visitors learn everything about the history of the famous lager beer here, get to see the production process in the brew house and bottling plant and indulge in a well-deserved reward in the form of a tasting session straight from the barrel or over lunch in the brewery restaurant, Na Spilce.
But there is much more to see in the city. The valuable monuments include the Great Synagogue dating back to the 19th century, which is the third largest synagogue in the world, and the Renaissance Town Hall, which was designed by the famous architect and builder Giovanni de Statia (1554 – 1596), an important representative of the first wave of Italian immigrants in the 16th century. The Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew is also worth a visit, which houses the Plzeň Madonna (1390) on the high altar, an example of the “beautiful style” of Czech Madonnas. The city of Plzeň also gained renown around the world thanks to the Škoda engineering company. You can learn about the history of this company in the museum here.
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In 2010, the city of Plzeň deservedly earned a prestigious title awarded by the European Union – it will be the European Capital of Culture for the Czech Republic in 2015.
Plzeň is located 93km from Prague.


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