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The name of the city is taken from the gold-bearing sands, which have been panned here since time immemorial. In 1254, King Přemysl Otakar II founded a royal city here with a royal mint. However, the reason was not only gold mining, but also protection of the so-called “Golden Path”, an important trade route which was used to transport salt from the Austrian salt mines to the north of Bohemia.
Písek - South Bohemia  Písek - Deanery church Písek - Stone Bridge

Together with the fortifications in Písek, all of the main buildings in the city were built over the course of a mere two decades – the castle, the stone bridge, the parish church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, the Dominican monastery and the reeve´s residence. You will find an exceptionally valuable monument in Písek – the oldest preserved Czech bridge dating back to the end of the 13th century, known as the Stone Bridge. The bridge which is 111m long, is built in the early Gothic style and is decorated with Baroque sculptures. 
Points of Interest
The bridge in Písek is also known as the Stag Bridge, as according to legend the bridge was to be named after the first person to cross it to the other side. Nobody expected that the first “person” would be a stag.
Písek is located 106km from Prague.

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Písek: Location

GPS latitude/longitude: 49.30648 , 14.14824


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