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Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic, is still dubbed “black” to this very day. This description refers to the history of the most famous mining town the Czech Republic, although today it is rather tourists than miners that are taken down into the mines.
Ostrava - The Cathedral of the Divine SaviourOstravaOstrava - Masaryk´s square
Ostrava - Stodolní Street Ostrava - Museum

Coal mining ended here in 1994, but the local industrial heritage represents an exceptional architectural jewel. The largest mining museum in the Czech Republic is located in the former Anselm Mine under Landek Hill, OKD Landek Mining Museum, where you can even go down a shaft to view old seams and try out some of the equipment. But if you’re after relaxation instead, head to the local Havířov pub, Harenda u Barborky, which is renowned for its good food.
Anselm Mine bears the name of the son of the famous Ostrava entrepreneur from the Rothschild family, who purchased several mines in the Ostrava region during a boom in steel production. The Rothschild’s really did look after their employees generously and built them brick houses that have been preserved to this very day.
Ostrava is also home to the unique industrial complex of Vítkovice Steelworks, which dates back to the 1st half of the 19th century, and is nicknamed the “Ostrava Hradčany” has been declared a cultural monument.
Those who are more interested in nightlife in Ostrava, can visit the busiest street in the Czech Republic, Stodolní. You will find here clubs with varied concert performances and diverse restaurants and bars, where especially varied nightlife can be found. It is said that this street “never sleeps”.
Points of Interest
Do you want to experience something out of the ordinary? Taking a walk on a smoking slag heap from which there is a phenomenal view over the whole of Ostrava, for example? Then set out for the Ema Slag Heap. It was created by debris being brought here which caught fire and the heap is still burning to this very day. Walking across this is not dangerous at all, though the temperature inside the hill is as high as 1,500 ˚C. Thanks to this, rare minerals are created inside.
Ostrava is located 385km from Prague.

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