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This city of 100,000 in the heart of the Moravian Haná region, became a royal city under the reign of King Wenceslas I between 1239 and 1246. The most valued monument in the city is the Holy Trinity Column on “Upper Square”, which is the largest grouping of Baroque statues in one sculpture in Central Europe.

Archdiocesan museumUpper Square and Holy Trinity Column Arion's Fountain
Astronomical clock
It measures 35m, and includes a chapel in its lower part. It was entered into the UNESCO world cultural heritage list in 2000. The neo-Gothic St. Wenceslas Cathedral forms a dominant feature of the city and its organ is one of the best examples of an instrument from the Romantic Period to be found in the Czech Republic. The Archbishop’s Palace makes one think of the former seat of the Bishop of Moravia. The Museum of Modern Art  in Olomouc is also worth a visit as is its counterpart, the Archdiocesan Museum, housed in the renovated buildings of the chapter deanery. The Archdiocesan Museum provides information about the spiritual culture of the archdiocese in Olomouc – the picture gallery houses top works of art collected by the bishops of Olomouc since the 16th century.
Points of Interest
Olomouc boasts an astronomical clock dating back to the 15th century, later converted in the style of socialist realism. It is located on the north wall of the Town Hall and as opposed to the clock in Prague, it is not apostles that bow, but labourers.
Olomouc is located 284 km from Prague.


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GPS latitude/longitude: 49.59624 , 17.25265


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