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This world famous spa centre, famed for its beneficial effects has the Czech king, Charles VI, to thank for its creation. Sometime around 1350 he held an excursion from the royal Loket Castle into the surrounding forests, where he allegedly found a hot spring by chance and established a spa on the site. Later, in 1370, Charles IV granted the town royal rights.
In Europe, similar thermal phenomena of such intensity are only to be found in Iceland. The spa industry here uses mineral water with curative effects, which originates from a depth of 2,000m. This has an especially beneficial effect for treatment of liver and intestinal diseases. There are several colonnades in the town, including Park Colonnade, Mill Colonnade, Market Colonnade and Chateau Colonnade, along which 12 healing springs rise, and are used for spa drinking courses of treatment. In order to moderate the bitter taste of the springs, spa guests nibble on the popular Karlovy Vary wafers to go with it.
Karlovy Vary - Colonnade Karlovy Vary - Spa Town Karlovy Vary - Colonnade
Karlovy Vary

It is said, with a little exaggeration, that the 13th healing spring is the Becherovka liqueur, which has been produced using Karlovy Vary water according to a secret recipe from alcohol and 32 types of herbs and spices since 1807 and, according to a survey, is the fourth most popular souvenir which visitors take away with them from the Czech Republic. Moser brand traditional Czech glass is also produced here, and also enjoys world renown . During a visit to the glassworks, visitors can admire the master craftsmanship of the talented Czech glass makers before visiting the glassworks museum and view an exhibition with more than 2,000 exhibits ranging from ancient times right through to modern pieces. The head office of the largest Czech porcelain producer, Thun, can be found in the small town of Nová Role near Karlovy Vary. This company has been producing high quality porcelain with a distinctive design for more than 200 years.
There are several spa houses in the town in historicist styles, one of the most famous and most expensive of these being Grandhotel Pupp.This luxury hotel is a popular destination for tourists, but also for international film stars who come to Karlovy Vary in the summer to visit the largest Czech film festival, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which has taken place here since 1946.
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Many world famous people have travelled to Karlovy Vary to visit the healing springs, for example Johann Wolfgang Goethe or Fryderyk Chopin. Goethe even said that Karlovy Vary was a place where he would most like to live other than Weimar and Rome.
Karlovy Vary is located 126 km from Prague.


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