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Poland is a dream come true for water sports enthusiasts. Nowhere in Europe will you find such a dense network of waterways. There are 10,000 lakes in the Mazurian and Pomeranian Lake Provinces, many of which are connected together with natural or artificial channels. They provide perfect conditions for sailing, waterskiing, and paddling. There are also 150 beautiful kayaking routes, most of them also in the lake provinces. The Polish seaside is 788km long with beautiful sandy beaches, which attract thousands of tourists for windsurfing and other water sports.

Marina / © Polish Tourist OrganisationNiesłysz lake / © A&M Cieszewscy │Polish Tourist OrganisationKayaking / © Polish Tourist Organisation
Small port on Soliński Lake / © Tomasz Gębuś │Polish Tourist OrganisationRafting on Dunajec river / © Polish Tourist OrganisationCanoeing / © Dariusz Zaród │Polish Tourist Organisation
Port / © A&M Cieszewscy/Fotcom │Polish Tourist OrganisationWindsurfing / © Polish Tourist OrganisationThe Baltic Sea / © Mariusz Woźny │Polish Tourist Organisation
Most Picturesque sailing routes in Northern Poland
  1. The Great Masurian Lakes Trail, distance end to end: 22 km
  2. Western Pomerania, from a lake to the sea.
  3. Gizycko-Wegorzewo rout, 25,5km long.
  4. Gizycko-Mikolajki, 37km long.
  5. Mikolajki-Ryn, 22km long.
Western Poland sailing trails
  1. Dąbie Lake is a boating labyrinth only skilled sailors and helmsmen can cruise.
  2. The Drawsko Lakeland provides sparkling ribbons of lakes and is an ideal route for those that crave nature and serenity.
  3. Powidzkie Lake, this crystal clear lake is a vast post-glacial ribbon.



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