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Over 4,800km of Polish rivers are used as water routes. Gentle lowland rivers unfold before the eyes of kayakers, the ribbon of their crystal clear current winding through avenues of trees and reeds bending over the water. Wild and insubordinate mountain rivers flow where they want to, crashing over granite rocks. Travelling on these rivers is always an adventure, sometimes mild, other times wild.

Kayaks on Dunajec river / © Polish Tourist OrganisationKayaks / © A.Olej – K.Kobus/TRAVELPHOTO │Polish Tourist OrganisationKayak in Narwianski National Park / © Maciej Rawluk │Polish Tourist Organisation
Kayak / © Polish Tourist OrganisationKayaks / © Polish Tourist Organisation
Water routs in Northern Poland
  1. Krutynia River, passes through 17 lakes and the thickets of Piska Forest, it’s the most beautiful kayaking trail in Europe.
  2. The Great Masurian Lakes Route, one of the longest trails in Europe crossing the biggest Polish lake. Length: 111 km, time needed to complete the route: around 10 days.
Water routs in Easthern Poland
  1. Down the Black Hańcza River, one of the most picturesque kayaking trails.
  2. Rospuda River, requires experience.
  3. Wisla route, length about 900km, extend form Southern Poland to the Baltic Sea.
Water routs in Southern Poland
  1. Dunajec, a river with character, is rated at the 3rd level of difficulty.
  2. Białka, proud queen of the mountains, in the Tatra Mountains is a crystal clear river, alluring and haughty as a queen of the mountains.



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