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With all the talk of water sports and thermal springs, it’s easy to forget that there are activities to enjoy on dry land too! Indeed, Hungary’s terra firma has a great deal to offer the active visitor. Hungary has a proud equestrian tradition, and there remain many opportunities to explore the countryside on four legs.

Hungarian cowboy / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeHungarian cowboy / © Hungarian National Tourist OfficeHungarian cowboy / © Hungarian National Tourist Office

Horses have played an important role in Hungarian history for thousands of years. Our ancestors, who arrived from the steppes of the Urals, conquered the Carpathian Basin on horseback, and Europe quaked in the face of Hungarian arrows. Today there are Hungarian cowboys who can ride eleven horses at a fearful gallop, demonstrating perfect harmony between horse and rider.

Hungary's relatively flat countryside, and particularly its network of wetlands and rivers, is ideal for riding tours. The country is full of riding schools and many hotels and country clubs offer riding facilities.

Hungary’s hunting history stretches back to the time of the Romans, when the teeming wildlife of the province of Pannonia was an important source of food. Today hunting is a much-loved sport. The natural environment and well-organised hunts attract visitors to Hungary all year round to participate in this unforgettable experience.

There are red, fallow and roe deer and mouflon, to mention just a few of the larger game species. Many hunting records have been broken here, and many a hunter has returned home from the Hungarian woods with a world-class trophy. Small game species thrive on the Great Plain and the flatlands, and these areas are popular for pheasant, rabbit and wild-duck hunting.

You can hunt in Hungary all year round, with each season having its own specialties. And of course this active recreation also provides an excellent opportunity to sample delicious local game recipes – another reason for trying out a Hungarian hunting holiday.




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