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The Czech Republic has been a European level golfing destination for several years now. The history of the sport here did however begin a long time ago. It was in the Czech Republic that the second oldest golf course in Europe was founded. English King Edward VII opened a course in Mariánské Lázně in 1905, as he was a frequent visitor to the nearby spa.

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Unique atmosphere and architectural gems
There are currently more than 70 golf courses in the Czech Republic, ranging from 36-hole courses to 9-hole courses. Golfers mainly come to the Czech Republic for the unique atmosphere, where, from the golf course, they can feast their eyes on historical monuments or picturesque countryside.
Many Czech golf courses were designed by leading foreign architects. For example the course in Cihelny near Karlovy Vary bears the signature of Gary Player, the course in Čeladná was designed by Miguel A. Jiménés and the architects Les Furber and Jim Eremek are responsible for the golf resort near the famous Czech Karlštejn Castle.
The best quality courses with the highest standard of services are to be found in the surroundings of the capital city of Prague, in the West Bohemian Spa Triangle and in North Moravia. Exceptionally attractive courses include the golf resort at Karlštejn, the course at na Konopišti, in Mariánské Lázně, in Karlovy Vary, in Cihelny near Karlovy Vary, in Plzeň or in Šilheřovice and Čeladná. There are 4 eighteen-hole golf courses in the surroundings of the most famous of Czech spas, Karlovy Vary (,, You will also find a golf resort in the spa town of Poděbrady (
Golf year-round in the Czech Republic!
The golfing season starts in the Czech Republic at the end of March and ends in the middle of November. Off season, you can play indoor golf, of which the offer really is varied in the Czech Republic.
Points of interest
You can play golf on the largest golfing yacht in the world in the Czech Republic! It anchors on the River Vltava at Rohanský ostrov and welcomes on board all those who are interested in golf, yachting, top class gastronomy and original design. Behind the four star hotel rating, hide 34 luxury rooms, four ship decks and unique golfing facilities. 
Practical information
Golf courses are usually open to non-members. Fees start from EUR 10 on nine-hole courses right through to maximum amounts which can be as much as EUR 100 for a weekend game. Average fees on a quality course are somewhere between EUR 45 and 70. Most golf courses offer the possibility of ordering tuition under the supervision of a professional instructor as well as basic courses for adults and for children. You will find a golfing catalogue for the Czech Republic by following this link, which showcases all of the golf courses here.

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