The Best Czech Ski Mountaineering Trails

You can try trails that lead through the untamed Šumava nature, Krkonoše loop trails through the highest Czech mountains with views, trails in the Beskids, or workout ascents in Dolní Morava. Just put on the mountaineering skis and embark on an adventure!

Naturally, you need to have all the proper safety equipment as a proper ski mountaineer. Winter mountains are treacherous, and accidents do not only happen on the mountain peaks, but also in the valleys. Lacking equipment? There is nothing easier than renting it in one of the many rental shops and off you go, to the mountains, on the skin skis! If you are an avid skier and love beautiful snowy countryside, you will be thrilled.

Šumava – Trails through Untamed Nature

The Šumava Mountains can be found in South and West Bohemia. It is the largest mountain range in the Czech Republic, with wild and almost untouched nature. The ski mountaineering trails can mostly be found around Špičák. At present, there are seven trails with various lengths and difficulty levels in the Železná Ruda area. The total length of the trails is 48 km and three of them go straight to the peak of Mount Špičák. The trails are marked with special round yellow symbols with an image of a skier. The easiest trails include the climb from Železná Ruda to the dam of Lake Čertovo along a marked hiking trail and then along the yellow trail to the Špičák sports area. On the other hand, the most difficult trail leads below the chairlift to Špičák and through the steepest ski slope in the entire country. In short, every ski mountaineer will find something to their liking.

Krkonoše – Ski Mountaineering with Views

The ski mountaineering trails in the Krkonoše Mountains in the north of Bohemia are suitable both for beginners and those who simply want to experience something free and easy. These trails can be combined with other marked hiking trails, forest roads and non-forest areas outside the quiet zones of the national park. You will not find any adventure downhills or exciting slaloms among trees there, but trails where you can learn the principles of ski mountaineering, carving powder snow, and where you can enjoy tips with beautiful views of the countryside. The popular trails are around Špindlerův Mlýn, Pec pod Sněžkou or Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

The Beskids – Popular Trails through the Moravian Mountains

The Beskids is a mountain range in Moravia, near the Slovak border. There you will find a combination of wilderness and traditional folklore, which you can explore in the Open-air Wallachian Museum. There is a total of five ski mountaineering trails in the Beskids. You can conquer Mount Lysá, the highest peak, from Zlatník, starting at an old ski lift. The trail from Komorní Lhotka to the Ropička cottage or the Řeka ski area is also interesting. If interested, you can try the special trail along the longest and steepest ski slope in the Beskids! The demanding, but beautiful ascent to the peak of Javorový starts at the chair lift in Třinec-Oldřichovice.

Dolní Morava – A Modern Centre Full of Entertainment

The ski mountaineering trails in Dolní Morava – between the Jeseníky and Orlické Mountains – follow forest access roads near the ski slopes, some of them run in parallel with the cross-country ski tracks and marked tourist trails. There are three marked trails for ascent and two for descent. The longest is Trail A, offering an elevation gain of 570 metres along 7 kilometres. Trail B can be found near the Sky Walk and Trail C is designed for sprinters. It is only 2 km long, but with an elevation gain of 540 m! It is a trail for those who want to train and do some cardio.

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