Hungary - Practical Information

Area: 93,030 sq km
Population: 9,877.365 people (January 2014, estimated data))
Density of population: 107,2 people/sq km
Time-zone: Central European Time: GMT + 1 hour
Summer time: from March to October + 1 hour
Official language: Hungarian
Form of State: republic
Administrative divisions: 19 counties, 22 cities with county rights, 214 towns, 2898 villages
Currency: forint (Ft)
Coins: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Ft
Bank-notes: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000 Ft

Telephone, electricity, internet

Electric current: 230 V
Geographic position: Hungary lies in Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin, it borders on seven countries (Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania,Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria).
Total land boundaries: 2246 km
Main rivers: Danube (417 km), Tisza (597 km)
Climate: continental
Official holidays:
1st January: New Year
15th March: national holiday
Easter Monday
White Monday
1st May: Labour Day
20th August: national holiday
23rd October: Day of the Republic
25th-26th December: Christmas

Telephone, fax: the country code for Hungary is 36, the area code for Budapest is 1
We wish you happy explorations, pleasant wanderings and authentic experiences in the heart of Europe!
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Hungary - Culture and relaxation

This is a land with 1,100 years of history and a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures. This is a land where the River Danube flows through one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. This is a land where rejuvenating thermal springs run just below the surface. This is a land called Hungary.

Sophisticated Budapest – a city of two million people – is the perfect destination for culture, entertainment and shopping. In addition, visitors will be captivated by its delightful gastronomy, beautiful architecture, relaxing spas and diverse nightlife.

The list of attractions goes well beyond the capital. Visit enchanting cities, small towns and villages, and allow the romance of the Danube Bend to capture your imagination. The country takes pride in its ten national parks, nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton. Next to Balaton is Hévíz, which is Central Europe’s biggest thermal lake. Strewn with water lilies, it is open all year round, and is famous for its healing properties and for promoting general well-being.

If you travel south of Pannonia you’ll reach the city of Pécs, which was selected as European Capital of Culture for 2010. Here you’ll enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere as you explore Roman-age Christian tombs and Turkish mosques.

The cultural influences of east and west can be seen in the monuments, traditions and everyday life of today’s Hungary. Remains of the Roman Empire and a few monuments from the 150-year Ottoman occupation survive, and visitors can still take a dip in a couple of original Turkish baths in Budapest. Small medieval churches and splendid basilicas, hilltop fortresses and magnificent palaces, all bear witness to an eventful history.

You can get a real flavour of Hungary past and present by tasting the culture in its galleries and museums. Furthermore, there are clues all around in the country’s architecture. A single street can take you on a journey through several centuries. Hungary contains examples from a host of architectural periods, including Roman ruins, medieval castles, Baroque palaces, Art-Nouveau mansions and cutting-edge contemporary buildings. There are the remains of ancient castles and centuries old country houses all around Hungary, and over 50 of these have been converted into elegant hotels where you can enjoy the historic charm and aristocratic luxury while making use of the facilities and comforts you’d expect from 21st-century accommodation. Hungary’s architecture, spas, gastronomy and folklore bear witness to over 1,000 years of fascinating history

Why to visit Hungary?

Hungary is one of the oldest European countries, situated in the middle of the continent in Central Europe. Hungarians speak a language and have a culture unlike any other in the region. This distinctiveness has been both a source of pride and an obstacle for more than 1,100 years.

This country:

  • boasts one of the world's most beautiful cities: Budapest, the ‘Pearl of the Danube’
  • has 2,000 year-old Roman ruins and 400 year-old Turkish monuments, which can be found  side by side
  • boasts Central Europe's largest fresh water lake – Lake Balaton – which provides a natural paradise for its visitors
  • offers hundreds of therapeutic mineral springs, which gush to the surface from the depths.

But there is something else that keeps bringing visitors back to us – the legendary Hungarian hospitality. Despite a history of varying fortunes which devastated both its people and its cultural assets and treasures, Hungary retains a valuable cultural and environmental heritage that people come from all parts of the world come to enjoy.

Open-air baths Budapest Show on map|Hungary
6/25/2016  |Open-air baths Budapest
Open-air baths of BudapestBesides classic thermal baths, summertime brings the opening of open-air baths in the Hungarian capital. This means that you can enjoy not only the power of healing waters, but take a sunbath or relax in open air too. These are the most exciting ones!Palatinus Palatinus Beach...
Hungarian Tourism Agency in Lyon Show on map|Hungary
6/22/2016  |Hungarian Tourism Agency in Lyon
Hungarian Tourism Agency introducing itself in LyonHungarian Tourism Agency introduces itself in the Lyon funzone on 21-22 June. These dates are not by accident: the match of the Hungarian team against Portugal and already the previous days attracted a remarkable number of visitors to the French city. In...
Terraces in Budapest Show on map|Hungary
6/14/2016  |Terraces in Budapest
Summertime, terrace time in Budapest!Summer means that outdoor urban habitats are flourishing in the hungarian capital – from cozy terraces, exciting hidden courtyards, rooftop bars and atmospheric piazzas. Check out our selection here!If you want to enjoy a green environment, Kertem in Városliget is...
Castle hotels of Hungary Show on map|Hungary
6/7/2016  |Castle hotels of Hungary
Aristocratic luxury: Castle hotels of HungaryHungary has plenty of beautiful castles and mansions. Many of them were thoroughly renovated and converted into a castle hotel – so if you want to explore the former residence of an aristocrat family and enjoy elegance and luxury while relaxing, you can choose...
The most beautiful historic hotels of Budapest Show on map|Hungary
6/3/2016  |The most beautiful historic hotels of Budapest
The most beautiful historic hotels of BudapestFrom Art Nouveau palaces to classicist or ecletic buildings: architecture of Budapest is world-famous, and if you wish to enjoy the elegance of historic buildings during your stay, you can choose from several beautifully renovated old palaces, converted into...
The 8 best alternative ways to reach Buda Castle Show on map|Hungary
5/31/2016  |The 8 best alternative ways to reach Buda Castle
The 8 best alternative ways to get to Buda CastleReconstruction works have started in the Castle District, which means bus traffic is temporarily limited in the area. But don't panic: from funicular to tuktuk, there are a lot of alternative ways to reach the top of Castle Hill! Here we have collected...
Bus traffic to Buda Castle temporarily limited Show on map|Hungary
5/30/2016  |Bus traffic to Buda Castle temporarily limited
Bus traffic to Buda Castle temporarily limitedDue to the reconstruction, the Castle District Municipality have temporarily limited the tour bus traffic between June 1 and October 31 2016. During this period only 8 tour buses will be allowed to be in the Castle at the same time for a 10 minute long period...
Ship excursions Hungary Show on map|Hungary
5/19/2016  |Ship excursions Hungary
Get on board! Explore Hungary by shipHungary has no seashores, but even though Hungarians are keen boatmen. So why not combining a ship excursion with sightseeing, or explore Lake Balaton on water? Hungary also has some beautiful old ships, so we can enjoy historic elegance while traveling on vessels....
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