Illuminations and light/sound shows at Wilanow palace in Warsaw
December 2014 – 15 March 2015. The Wilanow Palace in Warsaw is presenting the 3’rd year in a row breathtaking illuminations and light/sound shows:  The Garden of Imagination The Labyrinth of Light and Mapping shows.

The Garden of Imagination is an art installation comprised of more than 300 000 colorful lights that brighten the garden located next to the Wilanow Palace. The lights are arranged into baroque patterns – in summer these are flowers that are used to do it, in winter they are substituted by thousands of diodes. The light in the Garden of Imagination is combined with music. Particular parts of the installation are illuminated by the rhythm of Canon by Johann Pachelbel, Waltz number 2 by Dymitr Szostakowicz as well as Music of royal fireworks by Georg Friedrich Haendl.  Read more:

The Labyrinth of Light is a light art installation comprised of approximately 150 thousand colorful lights arranged in the garden and Orangery of Wilanow Palace,n on an area of over 1,000 square meters. Colorful tunnels are attractions both for children and adults who want to explore and discover the diversity of taints and lights creating themes referring to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  Read more:

Mapping shows are a three dimensional shows incorporating light, picture and sound.  They take place on some evenings at Wilanow Palace facade (for example on Saturdays). They are projected on the façade of the Palace, which changes beyond recognition.  The Palace’s architectural elements are used to create an illusion of animated building. During mapping, King Jan lll and Queen Marysienka appear in the Palace windows, and the spectators witness entrance of the train and courtly dances.  The Palace becomes a virtual cornucopia of colors and lights combined with baroque sounds.  Read more:


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