The 6 Best Czech Ski Resorts Show on map|Czech Republic
1/8/2020  |The 6 Best Czech Ski Resorts
Czech mountains are the perfect places for your winter holidays. Thanks to their downhill slopes and other skiing offerings, you will no doubt have a lot of fun. The Czech Republic has a lot to offer to those who love the mountains and winter, whether they enjoy sports, relaxation, or...
Where to See Opera and Ballet Show on map|Czech Republic
1/2/2020  |Where to See Opera and Ballet
Liven up your stay in the Czech Republic with an unusual experience: visit an opera or ballet performance at a theatre! Opera and ballet are genres that have evolved in Europe for centuries, and they are still very popular today. The advantage for the audience is that neither opera nor...
The Ostrava Region and Ice Hockey’s 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship Show on map|Czech Republic
12/16/2019  |The Ostrava Region and Ice Hockey’s 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship
Are you planning to see a match? We have some tips about what not to miss in Ostrava and Třinec! Ostrava and Třinec will be hosting the 44th International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship from 26 December 2019 to 5 January 2020. Ten teams will compete, playing a total...
6 Tips on How to Spend the Last Day of 2019 Show on map|Czech Republic
12/9/2019  |6 Tips on How to Spend the Last Day of 2019
Welcome the New Year properly! The end of year is fast approaching, and with it the popular celebrations full of fun and fireworks. If you don’t yet know where and how to spend New Year’s Eve, we have some tips to inspire you. Have some fun with your family or friends, and welcome the...
Traditional Czech Christmas Decorations Show on map|Czech Republic
12/5/2019  |Traditional Czech Christmas Decorations
Do you know how traditional Christmas glass ball decorations are made? Glass Christmas balls and beads – for many Czech families, those are Christmas. But how are these fragile beauties made? And where? We will take you to the best Czech manufactures where glass ornaments and decorations...
News from the Czech Mountains Show on map|Czech Republic
11/18/2019  |News from the Czech Mountains
The mountain resorts are prepared for winter. What new adventures await you this year? Czech mountains might not be as high as the nearby Alps but they still offer a pleasant environment, ski slopes, cross-country trails, bobsleigh tracks, and all the facilities one would expect for...
The Frosty Beauty of Autumn Cemeteries Show on map|Czech Republic
11/14/2019  |The Frosty Beauty of Autumn Cemeteries
Discover the melancholic beauty of places full of memories. Autumn in the Czech Republic is full of colourful, falling leaves. But it is also the season of cold weather, frequent rain and oncoming winter when the life cycle of nature is slowly ending. Since time immemorial, autumn has...
Places in Prague Related to the Events of 1989 Show on map|Czech Republic
11/11/2019  |Places in Prague Related to the Events of 1989
Three decades ago, the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia fell. Which locations did this turning point in history march through? In November, it will be exactly 30 years from the day when a peaceful student march took place in Prague. The brutal police action ended this march but started...
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